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All we owe to sheep

As participants in an activity originated in Scotland, it should come as no wonder that sheep figure so prominently in it. I didn’t realize quite the extent of it until today, when Blogpipe had a post concerning just that. It should lighten your Friday to read it.

More funny things

You know I like funny things… here’s another one.  I can’t believe I didn’t think to put this in the last post about clean funny humor!

And the inflationary language is a classic as well!

The science geek in me

This web comic came to my attention; it made me laugh. 

And in case you’re wondering, oh yeah, I’m a geek.

A really big one.

Some funny (looking) guys

I like to laugh.  Pretty much anyone who has met me know that I like to laugh, and I like to make other people laugh.  When I was younger telling dirty jokes was one of my favorite things to do, and though I enjoy tossing around a slightly off-color quip now and then I like to think my comedic taste has become somewhat more sophisticated. 

There are some people who are really funny.  Stand-up comedians like Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murphy are really funny, and some of what makes them funny are their liberal use of colorful language.  Search YouTube for any of those guys, just be warned that the videos are very NSFW.  Behind the swear words are, however, really funny things.  It’s true the swears are gratuitous, but they add shock value, and even if you remove them what’s left is still pretty funny.  A current comedian who tries for the same effect is Rodney Carrington, but I really don’t think he’s funny.  Remove the bad language and what’s left barely qualifies as communication.

It’s possible to be a stand-up comedian and still present a family-friendly act.  Like him or hate him, Jeff Foxworthy doesn’t really swear in his acts and what he has to say is pretty funny, even if it is somewhat generic comedian subject matter (sex, rednecks, wife, redneck wife, kids). 

In my opinion the really funny people, the comedic genii if you will, are the people who can talk about perfectly normal and ordinary things and make you really laugh.  I heard this little gem on the radio today, and I think it’s brilliant.

Yes, that’s good old Andy Griffith there, before he was Sheriff Andy Taylor.  Nothing in there is inappropriate or even a little controversial; there’s no reason I wouldn’t listen to that with a six year-old, and it’s hilarious.

In my opinion the best example is what follows, and I think it’s one of the funniest things ever been recorded.  Again it’s completely clean, kid-friendly, and nothing short of brilliant.  I challenge you to find something funnier that you’d watch with your grandparents.  Ladies and gentlemen, Abbott and Costello!

The most depressing holiday

Some people claim the most depressing holiday is Christmas or Thanksgiving, where lonely single people see everyone else reveling with family and friends and the weight of their lonelitude and singleness really hits home. Some people say it’s Easter or some other good Christian holiday, which adapt old pagan traditions and cause people to lose sight of the Christian meaning of the day. Or maybe Memorial Day or Independence Day, where the sacrifices of those who fought make and keep our country free are lost among parades, fireworks, and cookouts.

But no, to me it’s April Fools that’s the most depressing holiday. “What?” you say, “How can anyone with a sense of humor like your be depressed by a day of pranks and hoaxes?” Let me explain.

I love a good prank. I love a creative way to have fun at others’ expense, like the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest of 1957, weakened gravity for a day, the left-handed Whopper, Alabama passing a law to change the value of pi to the “biblical” value of 3, or a travel section featuring the idyllic island nation of San Serriffe.

The problem is I’m not creative enough to come with any good ones. This leaves me with an outsider’s view of the day, where I can appreciate the creativity of others but can’t participate myself.