Keydet Piper I'm thinking bagpipes


In addition to performing, I also provide individual and band instruction in bagpipes. I have gained a lot of experience as a solo competitor and band player, and I’m happy to pass along that knowledge.

There is no requirement for learning the pipes except for a desire to learn and a willingness to practice. Musical experience is helpful but not required, and Scottish or Irish family background has no bearing on one’s ability to play the pipes (I’m of Swedish heritage myself). How far you progress on the pipes depends only how much you are willing to work on it.

Beginning students will start on the practice chanter, which is a simpler (and less expensive) version of the bagpipes. I meet with my beginning students weekly for a 30 minute lesson, and I focus on the basics of piping: fingering charts, grace notes and embellishments, and basic tunes.

Once students reach a level of proficiency on pipes, the focus of the lessons shifts from technical execution to musical expression and mastery and care of the instrument. I meet with my more advanced students weekly for a one hour lesson. I also teach lessons via Skype for those who are already playing the pipes.

My standard rate of instruction is $20 for a 30 minute lesson and $35 for one hour, and I teach out of my home in Corvallis, Oregon. Please contact me for availability and scheduling, or if you have further questions.

phone: 207-256-0189