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Have a piobaireachd today

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a piobaireachd, so here’s one for you Friday afternoon/evening: Alex Gandy from the 2012 Metro Cup in Newark, New Jersey last February. He’s playing, I believe, The Daughter’s Lament. The video only has 209 views as of this posting, which is tragic. Enjoy, and tell your friends.

The internet: bringing you the best in the bagpipe world

In my last post (months ago… yikes!) I promised that I might be posting on a more regular basis. Looks like I’ve let that go. Now that I’ve gotten settled into my new area a bit, I’m starting to get back into the piping mindset, and since I’m thinking pipes more often, maybe I’ll post more often. I promise nothing, but keep an eye on this blog just in case. Anyway, coming up is an event that all pipers should know about.

The internet can be the piper’s best friend, especially for those of us who are somewhat isolated from the piping world at large. I do my best to try to follow the results from big events in Scotland and my friends on the east coast, and without the internet it simply wouldn’t be possible for me. But with the internet, I can follow the news of the piping world at pipes|drums, listen to recorded performances on Pipeline, and even watch the World Pipe Band Championship live.

This year, there’s another premier piping event the world will be able to watch live: The Glenfiddich Solo Piping Championship on Saturday October 27, 2012. The Glenfiddich is generally considered to be the world championship of solo pipers, and the ten competitors are invited based on the results from major contests through the previous 12 months. This year’s listincludes some of the familiar names like Roddy MacLeod, Jack Lee, Murray Henderson, Stuart Liddell, Willie MacCallum, and Gordon Walker, as well as some newcomers, like Callum Beaumont, who won the Northern Meeting Clasp this year in his first appearance in the event.

Coverage is available through the National Piping Centre’s website, and will begin at 10 a.m. local time, continuing through the end of the piobaireachd and MSR competitions. Be sure to tune in if you can.

Ready for the Worlds?

This is a video that has been making the rounds of various piping sites and blogs this week. If it doesn’t get you fired up for the World Pipe Band Championships, there’s something wrong with you.

For best results, set the quality to HD.

Mark your calendar: August 11, 2012!

Piping Live! video

Today was the first day of the Piping Live! festival, a grand celebration of all kinds of bagpipes and bagpipe music leading up to the World Pipe Band Championship on Saturday. The festival takes place all over the city of Glasgow, with performances by soloists, bands, ensembles, and jam sessions happening basically non-stop.

I wish I were in Scotland to see some of this, but it just wasn’t going to happen this year. The festival’s YouTube channel has some videos from the day’s music, and I imagine there will be more as the week progresses. Here’s one I watched today, featuring a performance by the festival’s organizer Finlay MacDonald.

I’ll post more videos throughout the week as I can, so check back to see the good stuff I’ve found.

Daily piobaireachd

Here’s a nice piobaireachd performance to cheer up your Thursday: Roddy MacLeod winning the piobaireachd at the Glenfiddich in 2009, playing The Earl of Ross’ March. Roddy is one of the great piobaireachd players of the day, and this video is evidence of the master at work.

It’s well worth the 14 minutes if you like piobaireachd.

More Metro Cup goodies

Here’s another video to get you through to the Metro Cup: Gordon Walker playing his medley (and winning the event) at the 2010 Metro Cup.

I moved into the 21st century this week by acquiring a smartphone, and I’ll try to take some video this weekend. Look here early next week to see what I came out with.

Counting down to the Metro Cup

This weekend is a great weekend for bagpipes. The Metro Cup takes place in Newark, NJ, and the list of players includes some really top-notch pipers. Saturday is filled with competitions from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m., with an amateur piobaireachd and MSR in the morning and a professional piobaireachd and medley in the afternoon.

This is an invitational contest, and some really great pipers are coming over from Scotland, as well as some more local folks. I’ve never been, and I’m very much looking forward to the whole thing.

Here’s a video of Bruce Gandy playing his medley at the event in 2010. Bruce has won the event more times than anyone else, and he and his son Alex are both competing there this year.

If this is an indicator of the level of piping, it will be a great weekend.

Online Piping Competition Entries

As I posted a while back, I entered the first (so far as anyone can tell) online piping competition, organized by Jori Chisholm from

These are my two videos I sent in for the two grade 1 events, MSR and jig.

For the MSR, I had originally planned to play all new tunes, but they just weren’t ready. I ended up playing the march John MacDonald of Glencoe, strathspey Arniston Castle, and the reel Sandy Cameron. The reel was the only new tune I played, and perhaps I should stress that it’s new to me and is by no means a new tune to the world.

My choice of jig was complicated because it was required to play it twice through. I haven’t played any jig only competitions in grade 1, so I’m used to playing a hornpipe and jig, both once through. I ended up submitting Alan MacPherson of Mosspark, a jig that has done pretty well for me over the last few years.

The results of the contest will be announced probably in the next week or so, and I’ll be sure to pass those along.

Women will never make good bagpipers

That statement is nonsense. I hear that this was a common sentiment a few decades ago, and I’m glad to say that this doesn’t seem to be out there anymore, except for maybe a few old geezers sitting around with their viewpoints stuck in the 50’s and their heads up their a$$es.  Read More

Willie McCallum lunchtime recital #6

The last video from Willie McCallum’s lunchtime recital, recorded at The Piping Centre during Piping Live 2010. The video set concludes with a slow air and jigs.