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All we owe to sheep

As participants in an activity originated in Scotland, it should come as no wonder that sheep figure so prominently in it. I didn’t realize quite the extent of it until today, when Blogpipe had a post concerning just that. It should lighten your Friday to read it.

In which the Keydet Piper resumes his nomadic tendencies

The blog here has been rather quiet over the last few weeks, with even Piobaireachd Wednesday posts having stopped of late. The primary reason is that I’ve been distracted, and during that time I’ve accepted a job that requires me to relocate… again.

It’s the fifth time I’ve moved since I started this website, but this time is the most drastic; the previous four were at least all in the same time zone. In the next couple of weeks I will be preparing to move to Corvallis, Oregon, to begin working as a nuclear engineer for a startup company called NuScale. Although it means leaving my family and most of my friends behind, it’s a professional opportunity that I simply couldn’t pass up.

The time frame has been very fast; I’m starting work early in August, which means I will be watching the World Pipe Band Championships from my new city out west. For the 2013 season I’ll be aiming to play with the grade 2 Portland Metro Pipe Band, which will be a good challenge.

I’m very excited for this move, and hope to be able to resume my blogging activities from the west coast.