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Bagpipe Karaoke

Some time ago I saw this video. I may or may not have posted it here. It’s pretty amusing.

Fast forward to this week, when I stumbled across Bagpipe Star. It’s not exactly like Bagpipe Hero, more like karaoke. Based on the demo video, it looks like it could actually be something that could be put to use in a number of situations.

Has anyone tried this? I’d love to hear your feedback on it.

Piobaireachd Wednesday: Massacre of Glencoe

In crawling the web this week looking for a tune, I once again found myself at Ken “The Captain” Eller’s page: The Captain’s Corner. Ken has been piping for more years than I’ve been living, and is  well-known as a teacher and judge in Ontario. He manages to make great recordings of some of the high-profile amateur contests in eastern Canada, and it was one of these that he posted that I’ve decided to share this week.

The tune is the Massacre of Glencoe, recorded at the George Sherriff Memorial Competition in 2010. The piper is Glenn Walpole, at the time one of the top amateurs in the region; he now plays in the professional ranks. I think you’ll agree that he does a pretty nice job with this tune. This performance earned him second place in the piobaireachd contest, and was the overall runner-up.

This tune is one that has some sentimental value to me, for two reasons. First, I played this tune for most contests in my final year in grade 2, and I think it was pretty important in helping me move up from there. The second reason goes back to the years between 2003 and 2006, when I played with the Macdonald Pipe Band in Pittsburgh, PA. Members of the MacDonald clan were on the receiving end of the massacre, and the slow air version of the tune was part of our show repertoire. It was in that band that I got my start as a solo competitor, and I owe a lot of my piping obsession to the time I spent in that band and the friends I still have there.

If you’d like to submit a tune to be featured on Piobaireachd Wednesday, please email me.

Piobaireachd Wednesday: Pibroch (Cap in Hand)

We’re taking a step away from the usual format of Piobaireachd Wednesday this week with an installment from great English rock band Jethro Tull. This track is entitled Pibroch (Cap in Hand), and is from their 1977 album Songs from the Wood. It’s interesting, I’ll grant you that, and I think is worth listening to at least once.

If you’d like to submit a tune to be featured on Piobaireachd Wednesday, please email me.

Piobaireachd Wednesday: The Stewarts White Banner

For our tune this week, I’ve chosen to present another recording made by my friend John Daggett at the Metro Cup in February. The piper is one of my favorites, and no doubt one of the best on the solo competition scene over the past few years: Stuart Liddell. His tune is The Stewarts White Banner.

To see more of why Stuart is one of my favorite pipers, check out this, this, and this.

If you’d like to submit a tune to be featured on Piobaireachd Wednesday, please email me.