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So this one time I was playing my bagpipes and…

I’ve heard a bunch of stories that start this way. The pipes have such a unique and distinctive (not to mention loud) sound that it tends to attract people from the surrounding area.

A friend shared this with me this morning:

“…last summer I played pipes for a wedding at the Pittsburgh Zoo. The peacocks’ reactions were most interesting: the males charged wanting to fight. Females gently sidled up to me as though wanting to dance. Must have been the Macdonald colors.”

Do you have any good piping stories?

Product Review: The Bagpipe Harness

As I posted the other day, I had a chance this weekend to try the Bagpipe Harness.

One line summary: the product is pretty good, but I don’t recommend a piper relying on it for every piping situation. A detailed review follows after the break.

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Will the Keydet Piper be forced to eat his words?

I don’t know… yet.

A few months ago, one of my Monday Survey questions asked about bagpipe gadgets that were unnecessary, and when I responded with the commentary I put the Bagpipe Harness at the top of my list. Read More

Women will never make good bagpipers

That statement is nonsense. I hear that this was a common sentiment a few decades ago, and I’m glad to say that this doesn’t seem to be out there anymore, except for maybe a few old geezers sitting around with their viewpoints stuck in the 50’s and their heads up their a$$es.  Read More

New bagpipe podcast launches this week

Bagpipe Nation will be making its debut this week, hitting the net with an hour-long live broadcast at 7:00 eastern US time (12:00 am UTC) on Thursday January 20, 2011. You can sign up to participate in this webinar-style meeting at the link above.

Bagpipe Nation will be a live weekly show, broadcast live every Thursday evening. It’s hosted by Andrew Douglas, pipe major of Oran Mor Pipe Band and proprietor of The Piper’s DoJo, and Vincent Janoski of The discussion will focus on topics of interest to pipers and drummers in the United States, with the first show promising to discuss the recent Winter Storm weekend in Kansas City, Slayer and District Pipe Band, and Pipehacker’s new proposal for qualifying piping and drumming judges.

If you’re not available to make the initial broadcast, each show will available for subscription and download through iTunes the following Monday.

I’ve signed up for the show this week; have you?

Name that piper!

Last night, Utah Bagpiper posted a photo of the competitors from the 1986 Glenfiddich Championship. How many of them can you name?

I know seven of them for certain, and I have a good guess about another.

First solo competition of 2011

I’ve just entered my first competition of the year, and it differs significantly from the usual format. Jori Chisholm of has organized an online piping competition, where competitors submit video or audio recordings made during a specific period of time.

I’m excited to take part in this, and I’ll be sure to post my videos here when I have them made. Unfortunately I’m a bit late in getting this blog post up (today is the last day to register), but if you can make it I recommend you give it a try.

New Year’s Goals for 2011

As discussed in a previous post, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2010. You can read that post to see how successful it was. Here’s my list of goals for 2011.  Read More

Reflecting on my 2010 Goals

About this time last year, I made some goals that I wanted to accomplish in 2010. I intentionally avoided the word “resolutions,” and went to the more measurable “goals” to describe things I wanted to accomplish. So how did I do?

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