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A gem of a video

Wow, two posts in as many days? Yep, that’s right. I’m not saying I’m back, I’m just sayin’.

I stumbled across these few videos last night. They were recorded at the Lord Todd Piping Recital Challenge in August, just before the World Pipe Band Championship. Four of the top pipers in the world were invited to participate, and the performances were captured and shared for all on YouTube by user MacArthurPiper. While not quite the professional quality of the DVD made of the event in 2007, these videos are better than 90% of piping videos on YouTube: steady cameras, no heads in the way, and most importantly, good sound.

Alasdair Gillies, Angus MacColl, Stuart Liddell, and Alan Bevan were invited to play this year, and based on the videos it was a great show. Here is the first video from each of the four players, and the others show up in the related videos list. It’s a crime that these videos have so few views, so I’ll do my best to send traffic on over to increase those view counts.

Alasdair Gillies:

Angus MacColl:

Alan Bevan:

Stuart Liddell (couldn’t find video #1)

The waiting game

So it’s been a long time since I’ve had a new blog post. I had computer troubles for a while, which limited my access to the larger world for several weeks, but the real reason is that I’ve been very busy, and very lazy when I’m not actually working.

The solo piping competition season is over, and I finished with a good showing at the Meadow Highland Games near Richmond, VA. I enjoy traveling to these competitions, but I’m also glad to be done for a while; it takes a lot of time and energy to travel so frequently.

For the entire season, I’ve had the goal of moving up to Grade 1 for 2010, and now that the season is over I have submitted my upgrade request. The paperwork was due on November 1, and now I just have to wait. The regrading committee meets the first Saturday in December, with the upgrade results posted the following Monday.

I’m fairly confident, but as is often the case it’s hard to tell. I finished the season with the most points of any Grade 2 piper in the EUSPBA, finishing with an average of about 10.1 points per competition. It’s still not a guarantee, since my light music had very few first place finishes, but we’ll see.

I’ll be sure to post here when the committee posts their results. Just waiting now…