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Competition Journal 2009 #9

The results from my solo piping competitions.

Meadow Highland Games, Doswell, VA, October 24, 2009

Event: March/Strathspey/Reel
Judge: Chris Hamilton
2/4 Marches Submitted: Major Manson at Clachantrushal, Mrs. John MacColl
Tunes played: Mrs. John MacColl, The Shepherd’s Crook, Major David Manson
Result: 2nd

Event: Piobaireachd
Judge: Duncan Bell
Tunes Submitted: The Massacre of Glencoe, The MacFarlane’s Gathering
Tunes played:The MacFarlane’s Gathering

Event: 6/8 March
Judge: Bill Caudill
Tune played: Dr. Ross’ 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering

Event: Hornpipe/Jig
Judge: Bill Caudill
Tunes played: Jim Tweedie’s Sea Legs, Alan MacPherson of Mosspark
Result: 1st